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Tech Tools for Teachers Stibbs Room 203 - 2pm is a Course

Tech Tools for Teachers Stibbs Room 203 - 2pm

Started Sep 28, 2017


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Getting and keeping the attention of millennials is an ever changing task.  Most have been plugged in to electronics for much of their lives and have been trained to expect information in short bursts and with lots of media and interaction.  Tech Tools for Teachers will focus on using new classroom technologies which help engage learners and enrich instruction through digital devices and services.  The session will briefly remind instructors how classroom technology developed and quickly move into where classroom technology is and will be.  There will be overviews of new technologies for Interactive Whiteboards, Student Response systems, Flipped Classroom overviews, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Administration of Technologies, and Current Software Trends.

The presenter, Brian Retzlaff, is a former HS Math instructor who left the classroom 16 years ago to sell instructional technologies.  Along the way Brian has been instrumental in the creation of state-wide video distance learning solutions, projectors in the classroom, SMART Board roll outs, Network design and usage, and has presented on key elements of Flipped Instruction and Lecture Capture.  Brian has served on college level technology advisory committees helping shape higher education technology implementation standards.  Brian currently is a Regional Sales Manager for Milestone AV Technologies.

 The Tech Tools session is more broad and will bring in lots of new technologies that I don’t sell but are making big impacts in education.

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